Self made arrangements.

A complete other leisure activity of me is making midi files.

Below stand ing a summary of my creations.

Song Author / Artist 20 notes 31 notes 36 notes 42 notes
Lied zur Schwarzen Madonna von Tschenstochau Alicja Golaszewska
Ich bau dir ein Schloss A. Kleijngeld
Bis bald auf Wiedersehen W. Zittner
Staying alive Bee Gees
Way to your heart Soulsister
Spanish Harlem The Drifters
The way old friends do Abba
We stand all together Paul McCartney
I was Kaiser Bills Batman Whistling Jack Smith
Second Waltz Dmitri Sjostakovitsj
Red red wine UB40
Kingston Towm UB40
Falling in love UB40
Are you looking for a specific song or do you want to have some songs punched for a 20 or 31 note organ? Just contact me: Hobbycrankorgan