Plan 20 key crank organ Walter Höffle.

In a more than 60 pages counting book, Walter Höffle tells with much detail drawings the making of a 20 key crank organ with four registers. Beside stopped flutes there are also violin and picolo (wood) pipes described and also are the corresponding measure tables present. As scale the common used 20 note Carl Frei (Raffin/Stuber) has been applied. Also a suitable cart has been described. Special for beginners i have written 8 additional pages. They treat problems which can happen during building, alternative ways to make several parts, more info about tuning etc...

This book is in Dutch, German, Spanish and English availabe. It can be obtained at:Hobbycrankorgan

Some pages for inspection inclusive technical specification (pdf)

A second book of the hands of Walter is "How to build a midi driven 20 note crank organ". This book has recently been re-edited and contains the most modern components for midi driven crank organs. Also a chapter has been added how to make midi files. This book is available in English, Dutch and German.

It can be obtained at:Hobbycrankorgan

Realised crank organs with this plans.